How to Get Heads in Mk11


The Mortal Kombat franchise has always been about over-the-top violence and gore, and the eleventh installment is no different. In fact, one of the new features in MK11 is the ability to decapitate your opponents! Here’s how to make sure you get those all-important headshots.

Mortal Kombat 11 – Krypt Severed Heads Guide

  • To get heads in MK11, the player must first select the “Get Heads” option from the main menu
  • Next, they must choose which character they would like to play as
  • Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right one is important
  • After selecting a character, the player will then be taken to a screen where they can select which stage they would like to play on
  • There are a variety of stages to choose from, each with its own unique hazards and obstacles
  • Once the stage has been selected, the player will then be placed into the game itself
  • The objective of the game is to simply reach the end of the stage alive; however, there are numerous enemies and traps that will attempt to stop them
  • If the player is able to reach the end of the stage alive, they will then be shown a congratulatory message and their score for that particular run
How to Get Heads in Mk11


How Do I Get Heads in Mk11

There are a few ways to get heads in MK11. One way is to use the “Get Head” move on an opponent’s head, which will cause their head to detach from their body. Another way is to use certain fatalities on opponents, which will also result in detached heads.

Finally, some characters have special moves that can detach heads, such as Erron Black’s “Head Shot” move.

What are the Requirements for Getting Heads in Mk11

In Mortal Kombat 11, there are a total of 27 heads that can be acquired throughout the game. Each head has different requirements in order to be obtained. The first six heads are available from the start of the game and can be earned by completing various objectives.

The next six heads are unlocked by winning Gold in Ranked Matches. The following nine heads become available after completing certain Story Mode chapters. The last six heads are only available through the Krypt and will require specific items to unlock them.

Here is a list of all 27 MK11 Heads and their requirements: 1) Baraka – Available from the start. Win 5 matches as Baraka in Towers of Time.

2) Cassie Cage – Available from the start. Win 10 matches as Cassie Cage in Towers of Time. 3) Cetrion – Available from the start.

Spend 500 Koins in the Krypt on Cetrion’s path (Upper Right area). 4) D’Vorah – Available from the start . Spend 500 Koins in the Krypt on D’vorah’s path (Lower Left area).

5) Erron Black – Available from the start . Spend 500 Koins in the Krypt on Erron Black’s path (Bottom Middle area). 6) Frost – Available from the start .

Spend 500 Koins in the Krypt on Frost’s path (Upper Left area). 7) Geras – Unlocked by winning Gold 3 times in Ranked Matches with Geras.. 8) Jacqui Briggs – Unlocked by winning Gold 3 times in Ranked Matches with Jacqui Briggs.. 9) Jax – Unlocked by winning Gold 3 times in Ranked Matches with Jax.. 10) Jade – Unlocked by winning Gold 3 times in Ranked Matches with Jade..

How Can I Maximize My Chances of Getting Heads in Mk11

There is no guaranteed way to get heads in MK11, but you can increase your chances by following a few simple tips. First, make sure you’re using the right characters. Some characters have a higher chance of getting heads than others.

Second, use the proper items. There are certain items that will increase your chances of getting heads. Finally, try to get as many kills as possible.

The more kills you have, the better your chances of getting heads will be.


If you want to get heads in Mortal Kombat 11, then you’re going to have to work for it. There is no easy way to get them and if you’re not willing to put in the effort, then you might as well give up now. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re playing on the highest difficulty setting that you can handle.

The higher the difficulty, the more heads will be available as rewards. You’ll also want to focus on completing all of the side objectives in each mission. These often reward you with extra heads.

Once you’ve collected a good number of heads, it’s time to start spending them. You can use them to purchase upgrades for your characters or buy new outfits for them. Or, if you’re feeling really lucky, you can gamble them away in one of MK11’s many Towers of Time modes.

Just don’t expect to come out ahead every time.

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