How to Slide in Batman Arkham Knight


In Batman Arkham Knight, the player can slide while in combat by pressing down on the left analog stick and then pressing X/A. This will cause Batman to dive forward and slide across the ground, allowing him to quickly close the distance between himself and his enemies or to avoid incoming attacks. When sliding, Batman can also perform a variety of different takedowns on enemies, making it a powerful tool in combat.

  • First, make sure you’re in a room with a smooth floor
  • If you’re not, find one! 2
  • Next, put on your Batman costume
  • You can’t slide without it! 3
  • Now, position yourself in a low crouch
  • This will help you get more speed when sliding
  • Finally, extend your leg out and give it a good push off the ground to start sliding across the floor!

Steam Pipe Container Riddler Trophy – Batman Arkham Knight

How Do I Slide in Batman Arkham Knight

There are multiple ways to slide in Batman: Arkham Knight. The easiest way is to simply hold down the crouch button while running. This will make Batman automatically duck and slide under any low obstacles in his path.

Another way to slide is to press the dive button while running towards a ledge or other high surface; this will cause Batman to dive off of the edge and glide down safely to the ground below. Finally, if you have the Batmobile remote control gadget equipped, you can hold down the jump button while driving to make the Batmobile boost into the air and then glide downwards.

This Will Cause Batman to Duck down And Slide under Any Obstacles in His Path

When you see the Bat-Signal in the sky, it’s time to don your cape and cowl and slide into action! That’s right, thanks to a nifty little gadget called the Batclaw, Batman can glide under obstacles with ease. Here’s how it works: when Batman activates his Batclaw, a grappling hook is fired towards an object (like a pipe or grate).

The claw then grabs onto the object and pulls Batman towards it, allowing him to swing underneath any obstacles in his path. So next time you’re stuck in traffic or dealing with a long line at the grocery store, just imagine yourself as the Dark Knight effortlessly gliding under all those pesky obstacles. Now that’s what we call bat-tastic!

How to Slide in Batman Arkham Knight



In the latest installment of the Batman: Arkham series, players take on the role of the Dark Knight himself as he battles against a new threat in Gotham City. The “Arkham Knight” is a mysterious figure who has gathered an army of villains to take down Batman once and for all. In order to defeat this enemy, players must master the art of sliding – a move that allows Batman to quickly close the distance between himself and his enemies.

Here are some tips on how to slide effectively in Batman: Arkham Knight: 1. Use your cape to glide over obstacles and reach high ledges. This will help you avoid enemy attacks and get around Gotham City quicker.

2. When approaching an enemy, hold down the slide button (RT/R2 on consoles) and release it just before impact. This will knock your foe down, giving you time to counter-attack or escape. 3. Use slides to quickly travel across large areas of open ground – this is especially useful when evading gunfire from remote-controlled Batmobile turrets.

4 . Remember that you can also use slides to launch yourself off ramps and other elevated surfaces – this can be a great way to surprise enemies or reach hard-to-reach areas.

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