How to Spare Muffet


Muffet the cat was always getting into mischief. No matter how many times her owner scolded her, she just couldn’t help herself. She loved to explore and play, and sometimes that led her into trouble.

Her owner decided that it was time to teach Muffet a lesson. One day, when Muffet was napping in the sun, her owner took a can of tuna out of the cupboard. Muffet’s ears perked up at the sound and she followed her owner into the living room.

Herowner set the can down on the floor and walked away. Muffet approached the can cautiously, sniffing it warily. She had never seen this before – usually her food came out of a can with a picture of a fish on it.

Undertale:Sparing Muffet (Pacifist Run)

  • First, you need to purchase a live mouse from a pet store
  • Take the mouse and place it in a small cage
  • Place the cage in an area where your cat cannot reach it
  • Make sure to provide the mouse with food and water
  • Wait until your cat is sleeping or not paying attention, then quickly grab her and place her in the room with the caged mouse
  • OR 4b
  • You can also try luring your cat into the room with a treat, then close the door behind her so she can’t escape when she sees the mouse
  • Let your cat play with and catch the mouse as she desires
How to Spare Muffet


What is the Best Way to Spare Muffet

In the game Undertale, there is a character named Muffet who is a spider monster. If you spare her, she will give you some of her delicious baked goods. However, if you kill her, she will drop a valuable item called a soul heart.

So, what is the best way to spare Muffet? The answer really depends on what you want from the encounter. If your goal is simply to get the soul heart, then killing Muffet is obviously the best option.

However, if you want to get the baked goods as well, then sparing her is the better choice. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to kill Muffet. First, consider your level and equipment.

If you’re low-level or under-equipped, killing Muffet can be quite difficult and dangerous. Second, think about how much health you have left; if you’re close to death, it’s probably not worth it to take on Muffet just for a soul heart. Finally, remember that if you do kill Muffet, there’s no going back – she won’t respawn like other enemies do.

So if you’re not sure whether or not you can win the fight, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and spare her instead.

How Do I Avoid Fighting Muffet

In the game Undertale, Muffet is a spider monster who runs a bakery. She is first encountered in the Ruins, where she sells baking supplies. If the player purchases anything from her, she will give them a Spider Cider.

If the player has already obtained a Spider Cider from elsewhere, she will instead give them an Ice Cream. Muffet can be found in Hotland, in her bake sale room within MTT Resort. Unlike most monsters, Muffet does not engage in combat with the player unless they provoke her by attempting to steal her merchandise or otherwise acting aggressively towards her.

If provoked, she will attack with various baking-themed attacks such as throwing pies or summoning spiders. However, if the player shows her kindness and purchases items from her bake sale room instead of stealing them, she will eventually let them go without fighting.

Is It Possible to Get a Pacifist Run in Undertale

Yes, it is possible to get a pacifist run in Undertale. In fact, many players attempt this feat, as it adds an extra layer of challenge and complexity to the game. While some argue that a true pacifist run is impossible, as there are certain points in the game where violence is required, others maintain that it is possible to complete the game without harming a single creature.


In the midst of a hectic day, it’s easy to forget to show our furry friends the love they deserve. But taking care of our pets is important not only for their health and happiness – it can be therapeutic for us, too. Here are some tips on how to spare some muffin (and quality time) for your pet:

First, try to create a routine for yourself and your pet. This will help your pet know when to expect attention and affection from you. If possible, set aside some time each day – even just 10-15 minutes – that you can spend exclusively with your pet.

During this time, give them your undivided attention; play with them, brush them, or simply sit with them and enjoy each other’s company. If you work long hours or are often away from home, consider hiring a dog walker or taking your pet to doggy daycare while you’re gone. This way they’ll still get the exercise and socialization they need, even when you’re not around.

Finally, remember that our pets are sensitive creatures who can pick up on our stress levels. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, take a few deep breaths and focus on spending some calm quality time with your furry friend. They’ll appreciate it – and so will you!

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